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Naveen Kumar Gandla

Sound quality is good

Rushabh Aher

Battery is not a concern at all, will easily go upto 5-6hrs plus battery case will cover up rest .


No connectivity lag or disconnect among buds so far, plus I always keep fimwares updated.

Gopal Borashi

In terms of quality and looks, it is an amazing product.


I mostly use it while i am working out.

Shailender sharma

awesome look... fantastic sound quality...

Shon George

it's very comfortable to wear and connect .


Excellent product

john m

Superb sound experience and very comfortable fit.

Alapan R.

touch sensor is really good

Naresh Kohli

Awesome Earphones and very comfortable

shehbaz khanna

 I love the sound quality it has to offer


A decent battery life

Bengal Tiger

Very comfortable and a reliable fit while running

Sohel Rana

Good sound quality and good bass no problem with video lag ,built quality is too gud


Good sound quality....battery life good...better durability

Ojas Salvi

excellent sound quality with deep bass

Priyanka T.

Love this product!!!


Best product despite the price. Amazing sound quality


Sound quality is better than Sound sport.


Best quality product


Sound quality is superb. 


Nice battery backup with good sound quality


Easily handal and carry every

Palas Swarnakar

Decent buy at this price


Verygod product

Ryder kid

Value of money good product

cosmic lucky


gaurav pandey

Very comfortable... durable...user friendly..

Manoj Kumar

Amazing product a must buy

Jeson lozil

Amazing product

Pradeep Kumar Nair

Awesome sound quality and battery life is also good.

Avinash Bhagat

Awesome product to have, enjoying every day crystal clear sound even in windy area music quality is clear

Nishan Brahma

Just awesome crazy sound quality just mind blown if you use this then you’ll never buy any other headset it’s just perfect....

Dr Pamei

This is just an amazing product for ur workouts specially the the product grip and sound quality.


Battery life is more than i expected


Sound quality is great.


Bass is good.

Rakesh Kumar Mishra

Best sound quality along with pretty good noise cancellation. 


Best in class, awesome sound quality.


Amazing sound quality, complete value for money ! 

Sparsh Bhatia

It’s a good product over all.

Ankit Sonu

There is a lag in the sound while watching videos.

Ashish M.

Sound quality is amazing.

Varun Vijaykumar

The fit is very good and can use it very well in the gym and while running or jumping.


I like this product very much.


Best product