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Pen Camera Full Hd

Rs. 2800 M.R.P Rs.3299
Product code: HDPEN32G


  • HIGH DEFINITION 1920Px1080P HD quality - Just one click allows you to start documenting instantly! 1920p x 1080p - Our device documents at 30 frames per second so you will capture it all! With a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, HD Pen supports 30-60 minutes continuous documentation time per charge.
  • INTUITIVE USE HDPen Pro is designed for intuitive use. This device is designed for people who are looking for a convenient way to document notes, meetings, lectures, and more.
  • FAST FLASH MEMORY proven to dramatically improve the performance of the device.32GB Memory Card Supported.

Top Review

Nitesh maurya

Great product overall.

Delton Dcunha

Great device. Quality video and great easy of use. Feel is great when writing as well...


Good use, simple operation, convenient and fast, do not hesitate to buy, you can start directly

vipendra khanal

Beautiful and practical, clear images


Compact size does not occupy a place, get the hands for a few days,


The quality is still very good,

Nikhil john

It records very well with good picture. One button operation

Nimesh Priyodit

Small compact size so I can put it in my pocket and carry it anywhere.

Dheeraj Kohli

Decent picture quality and simple to set up

Raj Bhardwaj

This is an impressive well-designed and well-built camera pen. 

Manvi Singh

Starting and stopping the camera is very simple, you just need a click the top of the pen


The pen writes very smoothly,,For the price it is a great deal!


Happy with this product. I would recommend it and would purchase it again


Very convince to use. highly recommended!!!


Shipped quick. Good camera for the money. Picture quality is better the more still you can hold the camera.

krishna teja

It is a great product. Came on time.

Kshitij Vengurlekar

Very happy, would definitely recomend.Best spy camera ,Works amazingly well for something so tiny!


Nice product works well. Very clear camera and good quality

Madan Gunda

Great product overall. Fancy built pen, easy to use most important very easy instructions

Muhammed Rishad

Nice HD video with crisp pictures as well.

Mahendra Datey

Fashionable, portable secretive.

Chaitanya Chai

The pens records for a long time it is really nice.

Mr. Mus

The camera is small so it will not be recognized easily.

abhiram ashokan

For the price it is a really great good!I am happy with my order as it has arrived on time.

Anup Audumbar Tabe

 this pen is very beautiful and can be used for real writing. It is not too heavy. I like it.

Kaustav Datta

The picture quality was pretty awesome! 


I was definitely impressed. The design is very sleek too!


Fancy built pen, easy to use most important very easy instructions. 

nandhakumar m

This pen works really well.


This pen camera light is really nice.


This pen writes and it is really nice. I like it alot.


It looks just like a pen and the camera is concealed well.


I'm a writer. It's very convenient to use this recording pen to record my thoughts.

Abhishek Kumar

Hidden camera spy camera pen is very useful


 It's very small and easy to carry. Video is very clear

Chhaniyara Daxaben Narendrabhai

It's really excellent quality and reasonable price.


It's better than what I expect. The spy pen is so cool and easy to know how to use it.


The camera hole is hard to see, it is better to hide it.


He pen looks like a REAL pen. nobody believe it is a spy pen. easy to use and the video quality is perfect. check it!


This is a nice little professional spy pen.The pen looks stylish, professional 

Niranjan Singh Rathore

This spy pen recorder works good, picture,

Amit Mehta

Delivery service is very slow but product is good


 It is like a ordinary pen. It is easy to use. 


This gaget is awesome not only a pen but a camara it take great videos and ots easy to set up easy to use and well made good spy gadget love it


This is a good hidden camera. It looks like a pen and you cannot find out its a camera.


Great product to use to take pics

Rohit kumar

 Easy to use and looks just like a normal pen.


Fantastic design, high resolution, very good quality.

Sanjay Vishwakarma

I really like it. It is also very easy to use!


Feels like a sturdy built pen. Very good value for money product. Camera quality is also decent.


This spy pen was top quality for doing mystery shops in public places


Very useful for recording trainings and important sessions at work.

Nikhil Mawatwal

Works very well and super easy to use


 Great price for this spy pen

Abram k.

It looks like a stylish pen. Works great.


I like this spy pen very much. Best picture quality. Best audio. And look is beautiful. Very easy to use

Moulina Ghoshal

This pen is worth and the recordings r clear .good quality and strong body ..the look is amazing..long hours of recording


Amazing pen .. works super perfect .. Amazing battery backup and Picture quality is very good .. 


I got this pen Very well . It's picture quality is well. It's audio recording of sound is very well .it's betry is also good.


Works good. No problems with it.

Arjun rao

Item came as described, the pen came with ink so it can actually write. I would give 5* to this product if it could record at 60fps.

Asit Bhowmik

Cool product! I usually do not spend my time to review online orders but this pen camera is so cool 


This product is both a real pen and a spy camera. It can take photos and videos with very good qualities.


Its good product its work amazing i will setisfied with it

Aman M.

You will not be disappointed with this purchase. I'm telling you to stop and order now no need to keep thinking about it 

Nani Khoda

 Looks great , Keeps good time, Looks elegant. Love it , It is a great value.


Looks sooo nice! Great quality! 



Poulomi Mukhopadhaya

The look is very elegant!


Looks great and for the price it’s far more quality than anything I’ve come across before.

Deepesh singh

Very stylish,efficient and accurate


The quality is great. I was shocked at the picture quality!


It works great and the picture is clear

ojaswi garg

I like this product as it looks great, is very small and inconspicuous but easy to use and works great!

chandru mailapur

Love the quality of the video. 

sandeep rawat

The radio is exactly as described.

Milind M.

The camera quality itself is great,

Kamal Pagaria

This is so easy to get setup. I bought one and it setup so easy. 

Aman singhal

Best discreet camera on the market!

novin Peter

I liked all the features.


The camera is great and I would definitely recommend this purchase.

Vishal bhatia

I am quite impressed, looks tidy and modern

Tanmay n.

Works great best thing ever


Nice product, very satisfied. Great Customer service


Clear picture. Works great.


The quality of the camera is good. 


Great device. Quality video and great easy of use. Feel is great when writing as well...


Beautiful and practical, clear images


Fashionable, portable secretive.

ravindra Singh Bisht

The camera is small so it will not be recognized easily.

Sk jishan

Hidden camera spy camera pen is very useful

Sanjeev Kumar

Great product to use to take pics


I am happy with the product quality..