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Wifi Plug Camera

Rs. 3450 M.R.P Rs.5000
Product code: PLUGCAMERA


  • Usb to charge phones at a time as well
  • Comes with 1080p hd video and audio: full hd 1920x1080p colour video with 90 degree wide angle view, 30 fps smooth video and audio recording and playing
  • Smart motion detection: when the motion detection activated, camera will automatically start recording once it senses some kind of movement. In this way can be saved a lot space of the sd card,and you don't have to waste time looking at useless videos
  • Loop record: automatic seamless video recording in loop to use the storage efficiently,when the sd (Max 32GB)card is full,the early video will be covered

Top Review

Supratim Nath

4.0 out of 5 starsNice product...valuable security equipments..

Medha karn

Good for price and security


Good product


Product is working perfectly fine.

Uttara Parikh

Very luxurious.


Very ggood also so quickly.i loved itt.


This charger is best quality and 64 gb support sd card on computer


I am very impressed with this device.

Deepansh jain

Good one. Video quality is good and the product has a discreet camera which is hard to notice.


Looks sooo nice! Great quality! 

vinod kumar

Really good fit... excellent for value

Hardik G.

The quality is great. I was shocked at the picture quality!


It works great and the picture is clear

Harsh Raj

I like this product as it looks great, is very small and inconspicuous but easy to use and works great!

Ajit Singh Sandhu

its a good Spy Camera , looks like a USB charger and can be used as a usb charger also

Shubham Argade

Love the quality of the video. 

Sundara Pandian

I like overall design and it is very easy to use.

Yaser Abdullah

Great product overall.


Very useful product.

Shaon Chaudhury

This camera has a great angle and can catch a lot of area. 

GG Raman

This camera allows you to zoom in closely and the picture quality is good. 

Kasturi Chatterjee

I used this at my home where the housekeeping staff is there.


I was very happy with the product.

Manish Gupta

The picture quality was pretty good and I managed to get it set up without any problems


Works great as a security camera

Narsingh keshri

This is a great product.

Mayank Bhardwaj

The camera quality itself is great,

Kapil Thakkar

Very useful and looks great..

suryakant dubey

This is so easy to get setup. I bought one and it setup so easy. 


working camera and accuracy of connection

Pralhad Shelke

Product works great, smooth picture and good quality!


This product was easier to set up 

Ponnanna Macharanda

I like the style and the simplicity.

Stiesha Fernandes

It works perfectly, very easy and the images are excellent.

Mr. Happy

I liked all the features.


The camera is great and I would definitely recommend this purchase.


I really like the wide view, clarity is good, doesn't lag,easy to set up!!.


I really like the wide view, clarity is good, doesn't lag,easy to set up!!.

Akshay Bhoovad

I am quite impressed, looks tidy and modern

Kunal Bandi

Works great best thing ever

Vipan Kumar

Great product. Simple to connect to wifi. Simple to use.


Very clear picture. Very effective as a spy camera.

Saurav Singh

camera wifi all work great,

Divyanshi J.

I recomend highly, great product.


Incredible cámara for the prices!

Prateek Maheshwari

Clear picture. Works great.

shubham s.

The hidde camera is not noticeable at all


The quality of the camera is good. 


The quality of the camera is good. 


Great product! Works fine for me... it’s very clear and simple to setup.


Great device. Quality video and great easy of use. Feel is great when writing as well...

Puneet Kumar Swarnakar

Beautiful and practical, clear images

Suresh Ravichandran

The quality is still very good,


Decent picture quality and simple to set up

sarita jain

Happy with this product. I would recommend it and would purchase it again


Very convince to use. highly recommended!!!

Tanmay Panja

Shipped quick. Good camera for the money. Picture quality is better the more still you can hold the camera.

Pratik Jaiswal

It is a great product. Came on time.

Rachana YR

Very happy, would definitely recomend.Best spy camera ,Works amazingly well for something so tiny!


Nice product works well. Very clear camera and good quality

Nice HD video with crisp pictures as well.

Fashionable, portable secretive.


The camera is small so it will not be recognized easily.

Mohit A.

For the price it is a really great good!I am happy with my order as it has arrived on time.

Akash S

Great product overall.

Sumit Biswas

Hidden camera spy camera pen is very useful

Neeraj Soni

 It's very small and easy to carry. Video is very clear

Harsh Saraf

It's really excellent quality and reasonable price.


The camera hole is hard to see, it is better to hide it.

Ravi singh

Great product to use to take pics


Fantastic design, high resolution, very good quality.